Kamikaze Girls is a film from 2004 that was introduced to me by cora a couple months ago. It centers Momoko, a lolita/1700s obsessed girlie who lives in rural japan, and her GIRLFRIEND Ichigo who is a Yanki. Its a super cute film.
Momoko is a bit of a spoiled brat--her father used to sell fake Versace clothing but after a run in with copyright law and the yakuza they fled to the countryside to live with her grandmother. Her father taught her to embroider beautifully for his forgery business, and she uses this skill to make her Roccocco style lolita clothing more beautiful. In order to fund her desire for more clothing, Momoko decides to sell her fathers fake Versace clothing. This is how she meets Ichigo.
Ichigo means strawberry or best guardian. This aptly named character wears the yanki style. A sort of immitation of "american" culture mixed with biker and punk. She is part of a girl biker gang, and at first Momoko does not trust her. For the first part of the film, she is only refered to as "yanki" but as time goes on, Momoko learns Ichigo's real name and refuses to call her anything else.