Gurksallad (USA)
Favorite Salmon Marinade
Depression Lunch for a Foodie

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Gurksallad (USA)
60 g water (half boiling half ice)
1 tbsp sugar
70 g vinegar (5%)
1/2 tsp salt
1 cucumber (Japanese or Persian is best)
sambal oelek and the white part of green onions to taste :)
Favorite Salmon Marinade
brown sugar
white miso paste
soy sauce
grated ginger
minced garlic
sambal oelek
Depression Lunch for a Foodie
sushi rice, tin of smoked rainbow trout
japanese mayo, sriracha, japanese bbq sauce
furikake of choice, marinated ginger, cucumber, nori strips
1) cook just under a cup of sushi rice. Season well
2) in a bowl, mash up a tin of smoked rainbow trout with japanese mayo, sriracha, and japanese bbq sauce
3) layer rice and fish in a bowl, sprinkeling furikake of choice liberally
4) top with marinated ginger, cucumber, more sauce, and furikake
5) serve with strips of nori